MahaMonday: Mothers & daughters

motherhood Because  mommas be crazy, this is a reminder of how we – their seeds – need to respond:

I have been there. Often. I don’t know one daughter who has not been there with her mother. It is a gift that I believe God gives them the moment we start sucking vitamins and nutrients from their bodies during gestation; an ability to say the exact thing which drills right down into our most vulnerable pain-spot and smashes it around in the most incredible and fascinating way. Like, your mother can say: “Are your pants new?’ and we hear ’Why did you buy those pants they cut you the wrong way this is the reason you are unmarried and/or unemployed and they might be part of the reasons causing problem in Syria right now. It’s those pants. I am cooking chicken for dinner don’t be late. You’re always late. I love you. Let’s talk about your contribution to the problems in MENA, they are those pants.”

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