MahaMonday: 1st date awkwardness

o-AWKWARD-DATE-facebookAt Chai Latte Diaries, she’s asking how to get past first date awkwardness: The most important response to your Qs however, is that you are not a fisherwoman and men are not little fishies swimming in a pond. Delete from your head this thought that it’s up to you to “hook a man.” Instead, position yourself on a more even-keeled platform where both you and the man need to impress one another equally. Neither hunter nor hunted, but equals who both bring something to the table, which intrigues the other in an equal manner. I need you to think about this very carefully over the coming while and internalize it. Stop blaming yourself for being single and believe instead that your current state of Singledom is part of the road you must travel, as it is Written for you.

Back to the fun stuff. Flirting, by definition, is to “behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.” Read that again and then note that flirting is exactly the opposite of how you wish to behave if you are serious. Your intention is to be warm and engaging with the man in whom you are interested – the very same man who makes you more awkward and paralyzed than the others.

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