MahaMonday: On ‘fading’ (aka ‘ghosting’)

o-GHOST-570Dear Humans: STOP THIS PRACTICE. It’s gross.

At Chai Latte Diaries, a dude whose meh about commitment has instead chosen to ghost on women. Repeatedly. He’s now looking to change this asshole’s habit: First thing’s first, which is in fact, the only thing, the core of your issue: Contrary to what you wrote above, there is no such thing as “fading”. To use this word is to free oneself of responsibility, rendering us into passive non-participants, when in fact, to sit back and do nothing is a choice in which our person is complicit. It is the choice to NOT act / engage / respond / initiate, etc. Since you believe that you wish for things to change, you must in tandem acknowledge that you are therefore responsible for your choices (else, how will you change that which is beyond your control?).

Stand up and repeat aloud: My name is Stuck and Not Ready, and I am an emotional sloth. (Are we fighting? Then why are you here and why did you call yourself ‘lazy’? Also, this is an advice column, which means that my role will sometimes amount to my wagging a finger at your behaviour because I will ask you to elevate yourself above it. Because I believe in you. Always.)

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