MahaMonday: Online dating & safety

alg_online_datingAt Chai Latte Diaries, a mansplainer tries to mansplain a woman’s safety away; I get into the perameters of safe online (and offline) dating scenarios: Always, the first three rules of online dating are: (1) Meet as early after the initial contact as possible; (2) Go somewhere public with which you’re familiar (and can get to on your own); and, (3) Tell your family or friends who you’re meeting and where (send them a screen-cap of the guy’s profile, if you can).

The conversations about women’s safety and consent are absolutely everywhere; unless someone lives under a rock, there is no reason for him / her not to be aware of these conversations. (And for those reading who might suddenly be wondering “wuh? huh?” please go do your homework.) There is no reason today for anyone to not understand and take into account the challenges and real-physical dangers against which women are pitted daily. In your case, the man listened to your reasons for choosing the where / when, based on your safety and comfort, but then actively dismissed them and placed his want above yours. Worse yet, he actually belittled and dismissed your well-founded choices.

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