Maha Monday Column + Video: On missing chances & take a break from dating

At Chai Latte Diaries, a woman depleted asks how to take a break from the dating scene, and mentions something about how the grass is greener: You jump off the merry-go-round and you take a break from the robo-dating until you’re ready to get back on the ride in a mindful manner. It is really and truly this simple. No one is forcing you to hang onto the unicorn statue’s bobbing head and listen to that horrible music while going around and around – only you have this power and so when you’re really ready, get off and You. Just. Stop.

Now. A small aside to which I want to bring your attention, so you help yourself. In your message, you assume “the grass is greener”, in exactly the same way that you deride others for doing. You too need to stop this – the difference between today and yesterday is that today we have the appearance of “more” choices (when in fact we do not – we just have more photos busting up our synapses).

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