Maha Monday Column + Video: Men who ghost & women, socialized

At Chai Latte Diaries, a lovely woman who has been waiting to hear from a man for two months asks ‘What do I do now?’: [If you are currently too sad, then here is some language to help you move away from the sadness: Any individual – ANY. INDIVIDUAL – who was seriously considering marrying another humanoid would never. EVER. NOT EVER. Let a month (or even two weeks) pass without communication. NEVER. I just quantified, because today quantification is critical, because it has been two months and you are still sat at the edge waiting for this person to be gracious enough and to (oh my God, I am putting my arms around you before writing this and giving you a tight squeeze) throw you a scrap or two. Because two months.]

You do not romanticise him. You do not ignore that he is currently very damaged, and that brings with it a high possibility that this damage will bleed all over you.

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