Maha Monday Column: Inheritance & the Single Daughter

inheritanceThis week, I was asked about inheritance laws and allowances by a single woman, the only daughter with two brothers:

…your parents can in fact provide you with the inheritance in equal amount to your brothers. The fallacy that they CAN NOT is one of the worst and most misguided, male-driven wrongful interpretations in Islam.


This is a matter to be discussed in private between you and your parents. The discretion to do so is rightly yours and theirs. Though transparency is encouraged in Islam (because it avoids conflict later, and avoids making your siblings feel as though there were underhanded machinations at play) it is not necessary that your siblings be consulted on this matter. Also in Islam, there is no indication that your parents may NOT give any of their children however much money they would like to, while still alive. Again, as with the first sentiment of this paragraph, remember the rules of transparency and fairness should also rule such a decision.

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