Maha Monday Column: When your gut screams against marriage

16.03.14 image for column

At Chai Latte Diaries, a woman is caught between her family’s pressure to pursue marriage, and her gut’s panic to absolutely NOT.

Fun Fact! It is always hard to find a suitable match. That’s why it’s so much fun when it works.

Is it harder as you get older? Jury’s out, and it depends on what you’re looking for. But this is inconsequential, because…

Funner Fact: Naseeb (kismet, fate), darling. This one, it is written, it is maktoob (destiny), my Love. As I have said before, we (Muslims) believe in this one, as one of the fixed objects on our life’s map. Marriage, it’s like death – when our time comes, it is inevitable.

So to all people who are stress-cases about marriage and meeting the right person, keep this paragraph as your guiding principle. (Naturally, don’t sit at home and expect someone to knock on your door et voila. But rather, *when*you*are*ready*, put in the honest and with-the-best-of-intention effort, and leave the rest in His hands.)

You, Beautiful Girl, are not ready, so let’s turn to the three specifics of your message.

First is the most important item here is that you wrote “I just keep resisting inside.” This is your guide. Gut feelings, like intuition, instinct and dreams are languages spoken by God’s beautiful Voice, meant to care for and protect us.

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