Maha Monday: Literally, how far would you go?



If you met someone who lived in a part of the world you had never considered moving to, would you cut your losses or would you pursue it and not look back? And what happens if you move, and he changes after marriage?

My advice was more practical than romantic, because s/he who does not make a Pro / Con list is lesser for it. (This is not a joke. Please read it with all of its judgmental overtones.)

As per the ‘but what if he changes?’ part –

Yes, things will change as you progress in any relationship. He may start to be less considerate, or he may walk through the door without waiting for you. Perhaps, he will never let a door hit you in the bum in the history of your future life, and he will become so considerate that you feel as though he is encroaching on your personal decisions. I don’t know what will happen, but I can give you the only guarantee that I have to give – nothing stays the same. Every single thing is temporary, and in this case, that lends itself to you needing to decide whether him, as he is presenting himself today, as is, is what you want in a partner.

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