Maha Monday: No polygamy, folks

No polygamy

At Chai Latte Diaries, a man wants to marry more than one woman. His wife has already said she will divorce his sorry ass if he does; she’s come to me asking whether there’s more for her to do –

“I do appreciate how your husband has cherry-picked from this Faith. He, like so many, appears to be choosing the road of the lazy muslim – I wish, at the very least, he was making stupid contrary-to- the-Faith decisions, that affect him and him alone (which philosophically, because we are all One, is near an impossibility anyway). Except clearly, he is not. He is making all kinds of stupid decisions based on a perversion of the Faith meant to meet his own nafs’ ends.


A reminder to your husband that Islamic law requires that Muslims follow the law of the land in which they live, and so should he choose to be a polygamist, he is choosing to break the law. Additionally, as a second wife, who is not legally recognized, she will by default not be equal to a first wife, once more reason to forbid him on the earlier point of ‘just’ treatment.”

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