The Emergency Room Evening

I spent my evening in CHEO’s emergency room, which is what happens when people you love have babies whose party trick is suddenly projectile vomiting. More on this in a second.

First, do you remember Hannah from June 12’s The Change-Up? She works at my favourite store, The Papery, and she helped me pick out a new cover for my diary when I went in wondering if I should start a new one in the middle of the year (because I had become so exhausted by the emotional jigsaw of the year). She was critical on that day, a very necessary ray of light and lightness, and we have kept in touch via Instagram. Until today, when we met for lunch.

Look at our smiles.

I love how friendship is forged and formed. Hannah recently got married and so we talked about her man and how they met. I am always here to hear about the good fortune of love for others. Always! Yay Hannah and Trevor!!

Finding ourselves in the arms of the right one is how we might find ourselves into this world; always, I have said that being in love is an armour against the sandpaper of here. I will stand by this until I die.

Love, in all its forms was a driver today. One of my beloveds had to take her seedling to CHEO emergency while dad flew home. She could have gone to emergency alone. But what’s the point of family and friendship if she had to do that?

We got lucky, and only had to spend 3 and a half hours there. Baby is safe and sound, and I learned how adults size binkys, for which the Arabic word is more fun – bazazaa (literally translating to ‘breasts’, but really…more slang like ‘t!tties’).

And if I’m being honest, I did tell her that I no longer wanted to hang out in the homes of my friends but rather to get out and meet people, so that I can meet a nice man in Ottawa. (More on this point in the next few days.)

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Akala. More 👏🏽 Men 👏🏽 Like 👏🏽 Him 👏🏽 Please 👏🏽
2. The Arabic language’s often-times weirdness.
3. Hand sanitizer, which I basically snorted all evening because hospitals are the pits.

Ottawa | Day 342 | November 7, 2019

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