The Sufi Teacher

I promised you I would write about converts like Mahmoud, and I will inshAllah.

Until then, I will point you in the direction of one of my teachers – Musab Penfound, also a convert to this deen.

This is the only Islam to know. And I am  in need of lessons, for advancement. This world is polluted, and I am trying to clear the pollution around me and in my heart.

Which is why he is pivotal; among Shayk Penfound’s  specializations is the science of inward purification, deemed an actual science in our faith.

Most of his teachings on Instagram can be found in his stories. I have chosen two of my favourite posts for you to sample what he brings forward, in the event you wish to follow him.

If reading’s not your thing, but rather audio/video is, I encourage you to watch/listen to his conversation regarding the compass of our souls, found on YouTube. It’s a series well worth your time. ❤️

“Marifa” here refers to gnosis, the spiritual knowledge of Allah.