The End

I couldn’t decide on which one to post, so you’re getting both.

Since November 28, 2018, I have been writing daily. This is my last such entry, though of course I will continue to write as long as the Universe permits. Just not so regimented like.

My tomorrow is the last day before I return to work. I’ve decided to do not a thing with it – sleep in. Drink lots of coffee. Read, write, colour, and listen to my favourite music. Basically, the things which make me happiest.

I am very excited to return to work. I miss that particular routine, and The Sabbatical, if our life is a week, it was like the Wednesday. Basically, it was the perfect moment to take off, so that I might be excited about the last two days of work.

What a privilege it was for me to take this year. What an extraordinary experience and (ugh I hate this word so much but still…) “journey”.

I mean. I didn’t find myself (as some do).
I didn’t leave my world behind in search of a new one.
I didn’t change anything visible about me (but for regaining the five pounds I had lost last summer, and which I have missed very much in fact).

My mind and heart are worlds apart from where they were 365 days ago. My God, what a world of difference paying attention makes.

I am closing The Sabbatical with a list, because of course I am. Here are my top lessons (coming from an extremely and shamefully privileged space) from these last 365 days –

1. Floss nightly.
2. Every single thing and feeling are temporary. Make certain that our emotional response to all things trauma and beauty included, is always aware of this Truth.
3. Our gut is truly one of God’s voices. (Or the Universe’s, if you’re not a…belieBER. Shout out Canada!)
4. Walk everywhere.
5. If it’s not bringing you peace today, it will absolutely not bring you peace tomorrow.
6. Keep a list of WHY x-y-z is Bad News Bears on your phone. Read it regularly, even when you’ve healed. Trust.
7. Always order the fish.
8. Take your vitamins.
9. Pursuing money and power are diseases of the heart. Instead, place your ambition inside of the swelling of (other) hearts.
10. Make a list of what you’ll pursue next (me, it is reading music, so that I might learn the cello, and a stage play).
11. Force yourself to smile every morning, before you fall out of bed.
12. Practice gratitude. Daily. Daily. Daily.
13. Drink all of the water.
14. Eat all of the yogurt.
15. Spend the money.
16. Coffee is very seriously the magic elixir.
17. Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.
18. Happiness is in Not Wanting.
19. Carry handcream and lip balm at all times.
20. Doing nothing isn’t as scary as I had imagined.
21. Not planning is more fun than planning.
22. A carry-on is all I need.
23. I grow most when I am lost at sea.
24. Allah has always got you.
And, of course –
25. Take your sabbatical during a leap year.

Thank you for your time, friends. Thank you for helping me heal. I do hope that you found little pieces of kindness while I searched for my own. ❤️

PS I’ll be taking a few days as break, without writing. I’ll see you when my heart needs to write herself out once again x

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Smiling eyes.
2. Soft mouths.
3. Rose-water hearts.

Ottawa | Day 365 | November 30, 2019

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