The Gecko

Do I look like a gecko? I feel like I look like a gecko. Also, do I look like I’m some kind of infant toddler? I feel like I might look like a little baby gecko, maybe. Like this –

Anyway. The woman next to me, not looking like any infant gecko is Myka, a friend from university, with whom I reconnected at work last year. We spent four hours catching up about all details of all the things while also discussing many theoretical aspects of the bigger things such the myriad of God’s languages.

I had a perfect evening and now I will finish prayers and rewatch Christian Bale as the best Batman three times over, all over again.

I do hope that your night was as exceptional as mine; happy turkey stuffing to you people below our border. (Impeach!)

Today, I am grateful for:
1. O, who sent me this photo of their favourite poems in rose-water syrup. LOOK!2. Uncooked tuna and avocado on home-made sourdough bread.
3. Being able to walk without help. Shukran ya Allah ♥️

Ottawa | Day 363 | November 28, 2019

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