The Hopefuls

We love this shirt, yeah? It’s my favourite new piece and it works as well with jeans or dressier straight-legged pants. But that’s not why we’re here…

Shaytaan told God that his intention was to render humans hopeless. Take a beat to consider that when we occupy spaces devoid of hope, this is truly where our hearts bottom out. What’s left for us if not hope for something more?

I was in Tunis sitting on the cool floor of my girl’s home, her living room flooded with sun setting warmth, talking to Noreen across oceans. Sea-salt filled the air, and though I was physically surrounded by love, my heart had slowed because she kept asking of every single thing Why bother?

What Noreen said, this small and simple note of truth, it shifted my world on its axis, and has continued to do so ever since.

Last summer, I learned that I have an abundance of hope, detrimental. Because as with all things in excess, the result is only detriment, and balance is key. Which is the trickiest part, but if you’ve learned how to listen to your gut (simply another language of God’s guidance for me), then you’re 75% where you need to be, with 25% landing squarely in the sphere of Now what will you do? Will you pay attention to your gut, and respect it’s message? Will you ignore it, and move blindly into (absolutely always) spaces of harm?

A gentle reminder to the beautiful hearts, as you take the above forward –

Remove yourselves from spaces devoid of hope; look only for people who enrich, deepen, build on, in only complete truths and good faith, what will drive you both into a better tomorrow.

Anything less is a debasement of your Creation.

I thought Ramadan was going to be a challenge this year, but every day, my blessings are increasing, and Allah keeps shoving me away from hopeless spaces to ones filled with seeds of blossoms to come. Like this shirt, whose sleeves are covered in flowers and blossoms of all sizes.

May our fasts be accepted. May our du3as find their ways back into our homes. May those we love stay a little longer. And may the month to come bring all of the peace and care far too many of us continue to miss in our daily lives.

Thank you. Love you. Owe you, for another year of love.

Part two, The Reinforcements, found here.

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