The Middle of the Night Wake-up Call

There is an entire world of metaphysical magic within the realm of Islam, and it is where the hearts of Sufiis rest.

We believe that energy between people links and affects, we believe that souls interact. For purposes of this piece, I’ll only be talking about dream landscapes – we believe that souls travel to see and speak with one another when we are asleep.

Not to be confused with astral projection, this soul-travel-to-speak is a reflection of an incredibly intimate link. Think of it as the safest of safe spaces, where hearts may go to rest with those who they know are guardians; people who they trust will never do harm.

Since about mid November, I’ve occasionally been pulled awake between 2 and 3am. For the last week, it has been nightly. Like clockwork.

When this has happened in the past, I’ve immediately known whose pulled me awake. I know where my intimate links lie, and to whom they connect me. I didn’t think that this is shit that could creep up on me, but I am forever learning because clearly, it is. That I don’t know who is doing this, I think, may mean that they don’t know that they’re doing it. It’s not a clear signal yet, and what I am receiving is deep frustration, sorrow, and pain coming from whomever is doing it. I am being asked to help them, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do, let alone for whom I’m supposed to do it.

I can tell you that the intensity is increasing, and the pull equally so. There is a struggle here, conflict, and even a little anger. It’s f.cking wild how strong all of this is coming through into my own energy.

I get up from bed at around 530 so that I might pray tahajjud, and make my intentions for the day. I’ve begun adding another tahajjud to help this person, whomever they might be. To clear their path of obstacles and pain; it’s the only thing I can think to do in the absence of knowing what I’m really dealing with.

I believe that the greatest gift we can give another is a prayer between our hands. Kissed to temples and laid across eyelids. Right now, it’s all I have to offer, with the hope that whomever is asking this of me will one day show themselves to me and explain why they’re in such need. InshAllah.

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