The Burning

This is one of my favourite buildings in my neighborhood and I could smell the fire blocks away. Morning walk, and I stopped to watch how the firefighters worked – they are fascinatingly organized, right down to the minutiae of detail, which would be a necessity when your life and that of others hinge on decisions made in fractions of seconds.

While watching, I got to talking to a couple of them and they explained what was going on. The details; always where God can be found.

My ideal man? A firefighter. Like, it’s no contest. My girlfriends make fun of me.

I’ve always preferred physical men to cerebral ones; best to leave the philosophical discussions to friends, and authentic connections – which are honesty-rooted and propelled – to anyone in or headed into the romantic realm. (That written, it’s been proven that the more physically fit an individual is, the more sharp their brains are. The trope of a “dumb jock” is absolute nonsense.)

Are you familiar with fireweed? It’s the first flower to carpet the floor of a forest after burning. I believe that this little grace of nature is one of the many reminders that even after it all burns down, there is something completely new and beautiful, ready to bloom. Not a reincarnation (because we should be shedding the old) but just a simple new birth.

Our first in several eclipses is happening tonight – 3am EST. It’s going to most affect the Cardinal signs, of which I am one – a lot is being shuffled out, while much is being born. I’m down. I’m grateful. I am exactly where I need to be.

My energy has been mine alone since 11 days now. My power is full. I have actively severed energy cords, and have articulated that I withdraw permission for them to be accessed from within certain directions. I am sleeping through the nights again because no one is tugging on any of this girl’s energy. alhamduliLaah.

I spent my weekend surrounded by the softness of beloveds, both in Ottawa and out. Every single one held up a mirror to remind me. I am in love with each of these precious individuals.

The new time-stamp is showing up more frequently and I am infinitely curious about it because I know it’s linked to a complete replacement of the old one. I’m excited about eyes forward, grateful for what’s in my rear view, always only with love. I see the fireweed.

I hope that you do as well x


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