The Desert Moons

I got in this morning. After traveling literally anywhere and not knowing where I might sleep next for the duration of my Sabbatical year, I was exhausted of flight. Three months later, COVID hit and shut it all down.

Between January 2020 and now, I’ve only spent one month internationally (I don’t count the US as international) – Switzerland and Germany visiting friends. 

I had no more ability to travel; and I’m someone who never sat still for too long before my Sabbatical, having already roamed all over the world. Suddenly exhausted, I had no energy for anything more. Curiosity was dormant.

Until now.

Shortly after landing, I booked my ticket to go to New Mexico at end of April to see one of my favourites – Hermanos Gutierrez, who just happen to be performing with Khruangbin (who I recently mentioned here).

There are no coincidences. I am exactly where I am meant to be, and heading precisely where I’m meant to go. alhamduliLaah.

I’ve never been to New Mexico, though have always been drawn to its colours and landscapes. It’s one of the few places to which I’ve always wanted to go but somehow never landed.

I was born between the Mediterranean and the Sahara, and have spent most of my life drawn to water until December of 2018 when we slept out in the White Desert in Egypt. I have never felt so much peace, and hadn’t been curious enough to investigate why until now.

I’m over the (desert) moon(s), and moving into my evening with candles and cocoa, and hoping that your days are overflowing with softness. Thank you for your patience re my delayed response to your messages; I’ll start writing back this weekend x


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