The Island Girl

Even when landlocked, I have always been an Island Girl. The ocean makes everything make sense. Salt-water is a natural state for me, and it is to such shores that I will retire. I’ll likely work in a small shop that looks out over the ocean. Canada may be home for a few months a year, but nothing more.

Today was a surfing lessons day. Brian is a former navy man, so he too is his own kind of Island Girl, just with much more testosterone. I managed to stand half-way up on my third wave. That’s as far as I got but I was happy with it. Balance is the key, which has never been my strong suit. Life is too short for balance when you know exactly what you want; so I leave balance to others. I’ll take the madness instead. Far more interesting.

We met some Texans beneath the surf, and they reminded me of how much I love and miss the State and its own brand of madness. I’m an Island Girl there too, and all of my friends call Austin my Magic Place. My heart triples in size while there and though there is no ocean, Austin has always felt like home. I think it’s the music. Everywhere there is  music. I had already been contemplating heading there on my next break and meeting some Dallas folks seemed like another sign from the universe. We’ll see how the tickets shore up. (That was on purpose.)

By the way. Coming full circle, guess what I did after I surfed? I walked through the streets in my bathing suit, while barefoot. Go ahead and make fun of me. I’ve definitely earned it x


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