The Street Tacos

Today, after watching the day break over the ocean, I’ve spent it going from cart to cart to confirm the best beef tacos. I found the stand – 20 pesos each, the beef is shredded and marinated. It melts, and it is all I will eat for the rest of our trip.

Both Nat and Brian have been hit with stomach situations on different days, taking them out entirely. I became the Saltines runner.

Important and critical note for when traveling with others. It’s helpful to have a third bathroom. Each of our rooms has an en suite and there’s a fourth standalone bathroom. Each time they were sick, they went to the sick room downstairs with its own bathroom away from the rest of us. Something I’d never thought about but that is a good back-pocket bit of info if one can afford it.

Back to the street tacos. I’ve had around 20 today. Between all of the walking and the sun, everything you eat melts away.

It’s an over-cloud day and we’ve had a gentle rain, which is my favourite time to swim in the ocean. There is neither lightening nor thunder, so safe.

Which is what Sayulita is.

But, not a place I could live. There are too many tourists and everything for a good chunk is geared to them. I hate myself for being a part of this pollutant.

Costa Rica still in the books. OSA Peninsula in particular.

It’s generally easy for me to meet people, and Sayulita has been no exception. Because I’m a wandering wanderer, and even though I turn different directions every time, I’m still seeing the same faces of people who live and work here. I’ve gotten to know quite a few of them, but one is a particular standout. She runs a little place where there are swings as seats. She is GORGEOUS. I told her as much the first time I sat at her place. I’ve come back daily since then and we’ve shared with one another 30 years of information. I absolutely love this.

Among her many tattoos, two of them are on her back. They are the representation of where wings were, now gone. I didn’t want to assume what this meant, so asked instead. “Fallen angel. I don’t pretend I’m something I’m not. Everyone comes here pretending they’re angels.”

Like I wrote yesterday. When your actions align with your beliefs and your intentions, the universe facilitates and brings like.

I really believe that the universe is neutral. That’s it’s starting point; we colour and move in this neutrality to create our reality and take ownership and responsibility for our choices. From neutrality, then, is a walk in whichever direction we choose.

Intention. Belief. Action.

Before I head into my afternoon, look at this wonderful horoscope – which has left me curious for the 25th:

See you tomorrow friends, and thank you for all of your incredible messages and secrets. I’m reading everything but will respond only when home. xx

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