The Sucks

I tried golf for the first time and I absolutely sucked. They tried to help me with instructions, and I just couldn’t do it. Then the biggest practical joker out of them all told me to switch my hands around, which I did. He knew it would make me even worse (I didn’t think this was possible), but he enjoyed watching me be just that bad.

I think the best part of this entire evening was when someone mimicked me – it was like they were mimicking Gumbo. Super.

So. Sticking to boxing and running instead.

Went out with this extraordinary creature, who doesn’t suck in the least. Look at them – on our walk, and before we left this area, they took a moment to say goodbye to their favourite tree. I will keep saying it as loudly as I can, and as often as I need – I love my friends deeply.

It’s been an important week. I met a lovely new individual last weekend and we hung out twice. They called (an actual phone call! So many points!) yesterday after work to tell me that their ex had reached out to seek potential reconciliation. They wanted to give things a shot, and to do so, that meant that we couldn’t see or communicate anymore. I love this more than I can possibly express.

I thanked him for his openness, wished him the best and deleted him from my phone. A closed chapter before it even began. The Universe will bring me my own love story when the time is right inshallah. There is never a rush.

There is, however, a rush on the space allocated in The Cloud Cave. I have a few books which I’m giving away – if you’d like one, send an email to my last name (.) first name (@) gmail.

You’re all getting the same dedication. I am not so original. I am also not sorry!

Hoping that your week has been gentle and that you are finding softness everywhere you turn. Even if you’re sucking hard at a sport so many seem to play effortlessly.


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