The Libra Tiger

I think very few people know of the metaphysical side of Islam. It’s where Sufiis are rooted, and one of the most important parts of my deen, for me.

I believe there is a little truth in everything. And the world itself, if you look with clear eyes, is a cathedral of the metaphysical.

I believe that Western astrology has much truth – especially regarding the fixed signs, and the cardinal ones. Equally important is the Chinese zodiac. I turn to both when curious about the foundational elements of personality. If you don’t believe it to be true, then it might at least help you ask yourself the right questions to understand another.

I am a Libra Tiger, with wood as element. Read this and tell me if it feels representative of who I am (and if you believe it is, then make sure to find yours to see your foundational elements). Some fun facts –

You won’t find a Libra Tiger to be the party animal or the individual who always dines out. They like being in the comfort of their own home and as soon as they have put the first step in the house, they forget everything about stress and other distractions.

They can seem a little bit immature because they brood. This brooding doesn’t last too long, though. They learn to change with age, after they have better ways of expressing their feelings. (Leave me alone for 24 hours so that I recalibrate. Very seriously, leave me alone; my tongue is a switchblade in the first 24 hours after a thing. My softness dissolves the switchblade over the course of 24 hours.)

They have a sweet exterior and a noble, sensitive interior. People need to be careful with their feelings. (Remember that strength is not to be confused with an invulnerability to hurt. I am extremely sensitive and wound far more easily than others imagine. This is something people forget about me, and it’s because they misunderstand my strength. I need protection and safekeeping, always.)

Intuitive, the Libra Tiger woman is good at analysing situations.

They will search for a partner capable of giving them all the attention and love in the world. They are hesitant when they need to make decisions and you have to be patient with them, but they will ultimately make the step of committing too. (I am a handful. I give a lot. I deserve the same. If I think a man cannot meet me in this, I eject. When I have seen the opposite, I have committed.)

Diplomatic and a natural born leader, the Libra Tiger woman is intelligent and ambitious. But she needs to learn how to control her feelings, especially in front of others. (Like I wrote. Leave me alone for 24 hours; this is key. If you and I are connected energetically by any means, you will know when that 24 hours starts.)

She values romantic relationships and she believes in true love. The Libra Tiger woman will never stop looking for the perfect partner. It is advisable that she doesn’t forget about her spiritual life. (Mmm. Yes. Everything in the service of love, and I can become lost in it so I am always mindful. It is also why God is in the details and why I link spirituality to ecstasy, a thing about which I was talking just yesterday. More to come re this particular point.)

If a Libra Tiger has given you too much attention, prepare yourself for a romantic relationship. (This reads as a threat and it’s unhinged tone makes me laugh every time I read it.)

Greener Tiger / Libras are generally explosive. I certainly was. As I’ve gotten older, the wood element of the Chinese zodiac continues to temper me. The more I care about individuals, and the more I temper my responses to situations, situating said response in softness and love more than anything else, the finer I age. But I can it up in the first 24 hours. (Learning to compromise without losing myself, learning to draw boundaries instead of taking flight. These are both studies.)

All aside, I pay very close attention to the zodiacs of others, especially men. It helps identify areas of conflict to be avoided, and anything done in the interest of building, rather than burning any bridge is always a welcome build.

Both for platonic and romantic relationships, do the work. Zodiac (in)compatibility can tell you where you need to be a little more mindful. It’s worth your time and energy to always build in this direction.

Let me know how it sorts itself for you when you do.

2024 is the year of the Dragon; it is the only fantasy animal of the zodiac, rendering this year a special one. Be mindful of it, pay attention to the fire it will bring.


Check back often in the next few weeks; I’ll be doing more writing than usual, and I am excited for it. Thank you always for your insightful messages and your trust in sharing secrets. Love you. Owe you. Am grateful for you.


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