The Garment Between

When this photo first went viral, it was assumed that her husband was safeguarding her from the sun. It’s since been confirmed that it’s her brother. Either way, it will forever be one of my favourite captures. As equally as this one –

“They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them.” [Qur’an, 2:187]

If this ain’t it. If this ain’t it between men and women.

Husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, lovers, friends.

Technically, if this ain’t it to all of humanity, but I am – as so many of you already know – a lover in the Rumian sense. Though I believe that my greatest love stories are with the women in my life, I will always hold space for the most extraordinary love story into which Allah will place my heart for its safest and most peaceful keeping.

I will die die die believing and waiting for this. No amount of harm will ever diminish or tarnish from the eternal fountain of hope inside of my little body. Ya Rab.

Note to self and Allah: Do not let my care and wish for love make of me easy prey. Please safeguard me from those who would ever harm this heart which I am so excited to hand to the right man as I gently take his. ❤️🤲🏼

The care on display in these photos is not one I see often. I am seeing more of it lately, however – Allah is pulling my eyes in the right direction. I myself have failed on a few occasions, with years in between the failures; so while not able to be perfect, I’m hoping to be human and add years to the existing years. I will always pivot in the direction of Allah’s lessons when I fail His tests; this growth should continue until I die or else I am dead-walking, ain’t I?

Protect one another. Safeguard one another. And when you fail, then pivot as soon as you recognize your failure and aim for better. There is absolutely no other f.cking way to make it in dunya.

I have one friend who is among the select few whom I describe as “decent”. Has been since the day I met him some 25 years ago. One of my favourite things about him is anytime anyone says absolutely anything, he leads with “My wife xyz.” So, for example, if someone said The sky’s a great shade of blue today!, his response would nine times out of ten be something like My wife’s favourite colour is blue!

Let me tell you in no uncertain terms – he is someone who is a garment for his wife. (May she always be one for him, equally.)

Be like my friend. In service of both yourself and your partner. Compassion for others can only be directly correlated to a softer life for ourselves, and we need all of the softness we can find.

If your heart isn’t fiercely protected and held tightest and most at peace within the hands of your partner; if you are not cherished, adored, beloved, fan-girl and fan-boy’d over when you close your front entrance…

Then I hope that you will one day be so loved that your heart feels like it will explode in your chest from the sheer magnitude of it all.



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