The Night of Power

Ramadan is ending. Tonight is very likely the Night of Power. Ask for His forgiveness. Make your du3as.

Among the things for which I am asking are that He increase me in softness where I am lacking and where I am blind-spotted. Increase me in patience, slowness, calmness, and decrease me in tassaru3.

Break my unhealthy patterns. Safeguard my family inside of G@za. Steadfast and power to all fighting oppression. Protect and elevate my parents. Keep the beloveds who have kept me. Bring me a love, strong and pure. Bring me a man who places my heart at peace. Do not let my hope for love make me prey. Increase me in clear vision and intuition; do not let me ignore either.

Increase the strength and power of my voice. Increase me in the ability to live even more authentically than I try to do so today.

If I have undeservedly spoken ill of anyone, forgive me and safeguard us both.

Forgive me for my shortcomings and show them to me, that I might amend them. Steadfast my heart on Your deen, not your dunya. Increase me in gratitude. Increase me in empathy. Increase me in forgiveness. Increase me in softness.

Make me a place of rest for others, even those – maybe especially those – who have harmed me. Forgive them. And forgive me for ever having a hardened heart for even a second.


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