The Safeguarding

About two decades ago, I was visiting friends in Austin, one of whom worked at Shakespeare’s pub on 6th.

There was a special filming of Girls Gone Wild. While sitting with friends, I noticed one girl alone, between what I could then and today only label as a pack of wolves. They were feeding her shot after shot while physically encircling her and egging her on.

The filming hadn’t yet begun. 

I no longer remember if I went into the circle and pulled her out, or if I waited for her to move out herself. I just remember that the second she was outside of the circle, I was with her. 

I asked her if she was alone – Yes.

I asked her if she knew any of the men – No.

I asked her how she felt – Not good.

I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea for her to stay and/or to keep drinking – She agreed.

At that level of inebriation, there was no possible consent she could give or take back. So I made the decision for her.

I walked her out of Shakespeare’s, with the help of the bouncer (also a friend). We hailed a cab. I wrote down his name, took his ID to confirm, and his license plate number. I had her home address from her ID.

I asked how much it would cost to drive her to her place and I gave him double.

I threatened the taxi driver that I had all of his information and that if she didn’t make it home safely and soundly, I would come for him. The bouncer – Damon, bless his half Texan, half Lebanese heart – was there to also witness.

She got home safely. I had put a note in her purse with my email, name and what had happened. She emailed me the following day, and tried to offer to pay for the taxi, but there wasn’t a need.

Two things seared into my memory – what she looked like encircled by the men, and what she looked like when in the cab.

The story in the above image is a similar shade to mine. And I’m grateful to see women taking care of women in this way, every day and at every opportunity.

If I had been in her shoes, I would have prayed for the same. 

Keep doing just this very thing for one another, please. Women have to keep women. Women have to keep women. Women have to keep women. Women have to keep women. 

Women. Have. To. Keep. Women.

As do the very select few men who would have / and who would still do the same in service of safeguarding us.


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