The Prayers

Prayers sent up this afternoon for some beloveds –
for safekeeping, and easing loneliness.
For strength, and facilitating children.
For ease of heart, and calming of anxiety.
For a marriage’s love rekindled.

Me, for continued safekeeping, for patience with my family, for health of body and mind. For removal of the untrustworthy, and those who might bring me harm. For an unveiling of him, who will care for this heart as I will care for his, whomever he might be.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Sissina, who has the calm and patience of a Saint when I am agitated due to an ear infection. Because I am a loser who obsesses over clean ears and still uses q-tips though they are deadly. (I KNOW!)
2. Fares, her son, with whom you can reason like a proper adult though he is 8 years old. He lets me play with his thick rich curls, and I really couldn’t ask for more from this little fella.
3. Google Maps. Where would I be without you? Not a rhetorical question but an actual one I would be drowning in the sea looking for the café, wondering where it all went wrong.

Tunisia | Feb 19, 2019

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