Mama, The Riddler

When mama gets anxious or upset or nervous and tries to communicate in English, she sounds a little like Dr. Seuss.

Exhibit A:
‘If I could tell her I would tell her but I can’t tell her because I don’t know what to tell her! Would you tell her? What would you tell her?’

On her good days, she still manages to make no sense in her emails because she has full conversations in her head and then I am only made privy to the last five seconds of the conversations.

Exhibit B:
Maha: ‘I am going to C’s house tonight.’

Mama: ‘What’s there at C’s house tonight! Party’ Good for you I wish it was me going to some one who has half a dozen. Any way I will go home now and make maftool, I just craved it right now so put it in mind to eat it tonight. Why do you have to go to your dad’s place? As I said, I am leaving right now, bye