Dispatch no 2, Toronto: The Arrival

“Look outside, pretty lady! I*m standing directly across from no 8 price street! :)”

To which, in response, Baby Jane flew out of no 8 Price Street’s doors and ran across the street without looking both ways. I’d barely had time to put my mobile back in my pocket, reapply the lip glass, and button my coat before a blur of blond was running toward me.

She was as breathtaking then as she’d always been and it felt like coming home when I saw her smile, my Baby Jane.

By the time we’d made it up to her second floor office, we’d discussed her wardrobe crisis that morning, my new Crack, my flight, her new office digs and former boss.

Within 10 minutes of being in her office, the following ensued, which serves as the end of this Dispatch from Tee-Off.

“chatter chatter chatter”
“xyz abc 123”
“def 456 i like coffee.”
“Wait, Maha, you’re all over the place – wait – I have to finish this story. Chatter.”
“LOL!! OK, I forgot what I was saying! OH! CHATTER! CHATTER CHATTER!”
“LOL! Maybe I should go. I’m too excited! What if you can’t do any work after I leave?”
“Maybe you should go – I’m turning into a Mexican Jumping Bean. There’s too much energy. Do you like my wall?”
“I LOVE IT! MaybeIShouldGoMaybeI’llWalkAroundAndSeeWhere’sMuch?CanIShop?WhenShouldIBeBack?Where’sBonnie?WhoseMaryEllen?”
“Yes! OHMYGODIDon’tKnowIfI’llBeAbleToGetAnyWorkDoneNow. HoltzIsRightDownTheStreet. GoAndBuySTUFF. 5O’clockSharp. She’sStillAtLunch. MyMother.”
“MEXICANJUMPINGBEAN! DoYouWantToGoOutTonight? OurNameIsOnTheListOfAReallyExclusiveClub.”

…and then I flew out of Janey’s window and landed in Holt Renfrew.

Stay tuned for more Baby Jane & Mahi Mahi Dispatches from Tee-Off.

(Psst! I’ll be blogging about Toronto in little pieces during the coming weeks because there’s simply too much to tell in one stream…)