The Gift

I was in the middle of a party, eyes dressed accordingly in kohl and mascara and carrying myself around with some level of dignity until I was handed a gift. When she handed this to me and I unwrapped it, I began to cry and my mascara frowned and sighed.

bookie 1

After already spending so much of her time with me to help me better understand and to tell me I would get through things in time, she took more time.

After so much of her time was spent holding on to and rocking me while I was weeping in her living room, she took more time.

After having already spent too much of her precious time emailing me down, phoning me down, text messaging me down and allowing me to draw from her incredible reserve of strength and faith, she still took more time to take one of my stories and have it published in a little bookie.

front cover

inside cover

back cover

The individual who handed me the gift is one of the very few blessings to come from 2007 and has become one of my greatest confidantes. This bookie is one of the most special items anyone has ever gifted me, and she is one of the most precious that God has ever gifted me.