In Austin y’all

Hello – 24 hours in Austin have been crazy and wonderful.

I don’t have much time for internet-ing so here’s the rundown thus far:
.1. Austin men are thoroughbreds.

.2. The moment I stepped off the plane and was hit with the heat and the humidity and the smell of sand, I immediately felt at home.

.3. Though my hair did not as she remains frazzled and in a strong state of protest.

.4. I am staying 7 steps from The Continental Club, which is where I’m headed tonight.

.5. Dropped by our old haunting ground – a particular pub on 6th St – and met a lovely crew from The Commonwealth; one Canadian and one Australian.

.6. I dined on real serious Texas bbq at Iron Works BBQ. They served it up on a piece of white bread with corn and coleslaw. Texas bbq, for those of you unaware, is a particular rub and then the meat placed inside of a special oven which has indirect heat filtering in that cooks the meat. I ate with a gecko sitting next to me – very small, very lime green, very friendly. It didn’t leave until I did. (Maybe it’s not a gecko? What’s lime green?)

.7. I discovered an amazing little coffee shop called Jo’s — right on South Congress, across from The Continental Club — completely laid back and chill, open concept and an excellent menu.

.8. Hit up a little jazz club last night called The Elephant Room – highly recommended next you’re in this City.

.9. No one wears a helmet in Austin.

.10. They’re very nice to you while you’re crossing the street – each and every single one of them will stop for you.

More tomorrow!