A Pint Sized NYC

Exceptional first night in NYC; evening started out with an in-depth literature and film discussion with Laurie. (Who is, quite possibly, one of the prettiest women on whom I have ever laid eyes. So much that I had to stop her mid-conversation and ask: “do you have any idea how pretty you are?”)

We are staying at the ever famous Waldorf Astoria. There is a gorgeous clock here (with much history, none of which I am aware), next to where our evening began, at Peacock Alley Bar.

Major, my cousin here studying medicine, currently doing his rounds as Vadge Doc (aka o-b-g-y-n) met us for the winding up of the evening at the Hotel, before he and I made our way out on to the streets of NYC where we ate bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon, capping off our night at The Perfect Pint (highly rec’dd).

The Perfect Pint is arguably one of the quintessentials one must visit in Manhattan, not only for its selection (if you’re in to that sort of thing), but so too for its excellent staff who tend to pay close attention to, and are protective of the female customers.

Case in point: there was a man quite adamant on buying me a drink, and whom the bar keeps refused to allow purchase of said drink because they were intuitive enough / smart enough / observant enough to understand said purchase would not be welcome. They didn’t even need to ask me if I wanted a drink from the creepy man who wouldn’t stop staring at me in super creepy fashion so much that it was creeping out, even though I was there with my oblivious male cousin who wouldn’t have noticed unless said creep had large and not-necessarily firm breasts protruding from his earlobes, but rather understood and essentially c**k-blocked his very wanting technique of seduction, so that I would remain in peace for the duration of my visit.

The Perfect Pint, found at 203rd East 45th St; pop in if you can, please.

P.S. Photos as soon as possible xox

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