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If you are Muslim, I need you to today please read Al-Fatiha for a little baby named Youssif, only three months, flown up to heaven this early morning. If you…

A Pint Sized NYC

Exceptional first night in NYC; evening started out with an in-depth literature and film discussion with Laurie. (Who is, quite possibly, one of the prettiest women on whom I have…

Conversations with little girls

This is Deema, my baby cousin aged 12. Last night, we had the following conversation that very nearly made me pee in my pants… Deema: Maha, I need to ask…

Eid Mubarak

I’ve finished my trip to Oman where I saw for the first time ever wild dolphins. They move in the most beautiful symmetry…and I will post videos soon enough, Inshallah….