Maha Mondays: Online chatting monogamy & public speaking

public-speaking_2At Chai Latte Diaries, Bro A spends a couple of minutes having a conversation with a woman online on a dating site. The same woman who his Bro B thinks he might marry. Bro A doesn’t know if he should tell Bro B that the woman is a chatting chatter who chats online and isn’t really sure what that might even mean: You spoke with her for a few minutes – she doesn’t owe you anything but politeness. Most definitely, she does not need to show you her heart’s intentions or leanings. She has a right to her privacy and to figure out with whom she wants to be with on her own, by chatting with different suitors. So long as she’s not actively and actually for real promising them all marriage.

At Elle Beaver, a lovely reader asks what they can do to ease the jitters of public speaking. I give my top 5 picks: Another way to think about this point is to anchor it firmly in psychology. The definition of a ‘phobia’ is an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. When someone has a phobia of snakes, the cure is to physically hold onto, play with, become comfortable with a snake. Same goes with public speaking. Don’t run from it, rather engage it directly..

Image courtesy of Paul Stone.