MahaMonday: Waiting for Godot

shelfgirlBoy likes girl. Boy doesn’t make move. Girl moves on. Boy suddenly wants to rush girl. In a nutshell, at Chai Latte Diaries: “Cold hard truth is that I am happy she ain’t sittin’ around waitin’ for you to make up your mind, brother. I respect that she is meeting other men and that one of them may in fact be her person. Why? Because there are far too many – FAR. TOO. MANY. – men who sit around, mill about, hem and haw, and have this unbelievable sense of entitlement that the woman (or women) they kind of think maybe possibly might be awesome will also be sitting on their hands waiting patiently. In a holding pattern defined by some men and not seeing to their own needs. Waitin’ for all y’all to decide. Waiting for Godot.”

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