Maha Monday: On Muslim women dating non-Muslim men

interfaithA very unpopular subject this week about an often silenced conversation r- Muslim women being involved with non-Muslim men. We all know the ruling, but I focused on our freedom of choice, and freedom to not accept a Muslim ruling. No doubt, it made people uneasy enough that one of them sent me this message “I wanted to Like it, but didn’t want people seeing that I did because I dont [sic] want to be hassled. Thank you for talking about freedom of choice.” Though the question was about Muslims & Christians, my answer holds for any denomination.

As to whether or not you should continue to engage men who are not Muslim, I will only give you the things on which you need to reflect, in order to make the decision that is best for you. You are aware that there are Quranic guidelines, instructions and interpretations that encourage BOTH Muslim men and women to marry believing partners.

Women are not permitted to marry outside the Faith (in short, because religion is typically patrilineal, and she and their children may be deterred or limited from practicing her faith as she wishes). As with *all* things in Islam, the guidelines are to help preserve life, health and faith and provide ease. So too, in Islam you are given the freedom of choice to either accept the guidelines or not.

Meaning, there cannot be any coercion here.

MEANING, no one can force you one way or another.

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