the incense(d) heart – a new poetry collection

My heart fell apart and stitched herself together over the years. the incense(d) heart is a reflection of loves lost, and those which continue to keep me. It may be purchased at Amazon US or Canada, though it is my preference that you purchase directly through the publisher.

Description: This exquisite collection of poems from Palestinian-Canadian Maha Zimmo presents the reader with jewelled vignettes from Zimmo’s lived experiences of relationships under conditions of diaspora, misogyny, and challenges to and of faith. The politics of friendships, lovers, and bodies are sinuously interwoven with fragrant imagery symbolizing the continuity of family history.

As much as this collection is an homage to love, survival, and enduring faith and connection, it is also a fierce indictment of racism, toxic relationships, sexist misogyny, the misappropriation of Islam, and the wounds that such oppressions leave upon the bodies, spirits, and an entire people.
The beautiful imagery of these poems does not conceal the piercing insights that lie like thorns in each delectable verse.