The Fraudulent are Everywhere

.1. A well-known fact to the US Government: Omar Suleiman is not a man who will lead democracy.

He is, however, pretty awesome at torture. Hurrah for America’s once again “honest broker”-ship.

.2. I had promised you a wrap-up of NYC, but I have neither the energy nor the patience to write more about the fckery by which I was surrounded while there.

Instead, I am here copying for your reading pleasure an abridged version of the email I just sent to one of my friends: …in the Waldorf Astoria so every morning I had the misfortune of seeing the money people of the City…

NY used to be one of my favorite cities in the US, and I couldn’t wait to get out of there…

Everywhere I looked, I saw coagulated the blood of the poor – in the Fendi handbags and the SUV trucks and the mercedes and the Harry Winston adornments of the very people who took the bailout money so they could maintain their eccentric lifestyle. The same people who remain the reason the rest of your country (and devastatingly, the world) bleeds to death.

I was crawling out of my own skin in NYC, nauseas most of the entire time. Leaving couldn’t have come soon enough.

We are entrusted with His money, and we have to exercise that with kindness and humility. But more importantly, with humanity.

Not the case.”

As the days progressed, the more my vision blurred; while looking at these people, I instead began to see the faces of those who lost their homes and their health, their families and their well-being…and in much too many cases, their lives.

I should have stayed with my cousin in Queens Jamaica, where I would have felt more comfortable and not such a fraud.