The Finito

The exams are over. Truth told, I’m not sure why I bothered studying, since nothing I studied (which was all of the prep they say you need to do for the actual exams) made a hint of difference or showed up on either of the exams. It was a total crap-shoot, and now I wait and see how well I guessed on so many of the questions. My dancing emoji is rolling her eyes, by the way.

I actually started laughing at one point during the second exam which, I guess, is as good as it gets. Either that or break some computers as I get escorted out of the room.

After crashing for a short while, I went out with my family for a little bit of food and a lot of hysterical laughter that at different times resulted in my not breathing. It was a great and welcome day and I am so happy that these exams are over, no matter the results.

Oh! Thanks to everyone who messaged about the new Japanese cheesecake shop in Ottawa. We had some, and…what a let-down. The cake tasted eggie, unfortunately. However, they do make an excellent madeleine, for which I will be back.

My brain is completely fried, friends; I read the word test in place of text, and I said ear ping, instead of ear piercing, and I confused this weekend with the next. I didn’t know that my brain was such a sensitive creature.

This evening, my family’s heading out and I am treating myself to a not-French face mask, anything-but-French aromatherapy, and a most-definitely-nothing-near-French movie titled John Wick.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Every person who shared war stories rooted in these French exams. Thanks for not leaving me to feel alone, friends.
2. All who sent up a prayer for me. The exams are over! Yay!
3. The hysterical laughter which takes over both Reem and me whenever we start to talk about literally anything. But especially, when we discuss my mother and her draw-string hoodies. And even more so when we are clearly set aside and shoved aside so that my mother can love Amoora a little more than she loves us.

Ottawa | Day 305 | October 1, 2019

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