Eid Mubarak

I’ve finished my trip to Oman where I saw for the first time ever wild dolphins. They move in the most beautiful symmetry…and I will post videos soon enough, Inshallah.

A special note on the man in the pictures; he’s been keeping me cozy by giving me at least 20 hugs a day (each one of which I’ve needed almost desperately). My baby cousin Ahmed.

He’s 7 years old and likes food. Whenever seated on the couch, he comes over and cuddles in close, and before bed, he kisses me goodnight and tells me I’m his favourite girl and would I promise to not tell that to either of his sisters. (We have a secret handshake that consists of feigned spitting and a Point Break wave of the hands and scream. Because it’s ‘secret’, you mustn’t tell anyone.)

I find that lately I’ve been more comfortable around children as their innocence and trust is filling me up with calm that’s placing kind, soft and protective hands around and beneath my heart.

On the occasion of this first day of Eid, I hope this coming year is good to each and every one of you and your families. (& May each of your hearts find the innocence of a child should it require it.)