The Love Behaviour

I just feel complete and serene and without clouds in my feelings,” is what Heba’s man just sent her regarding their relationship and his feelings for her. I want for you to know that English is his second language, and that he is a meteorologist.

I love how he treats her. I love that he is respectful and gracious, kind and gentle.

It’s amazing how “without clouds in my feelings” I know that I need a man who leads with kindness and mercy. Everything good roots in these qualities. When we are kind, we are careful with the feelings of others. When we are kind, we pause and consider, look to see if we are about to do harm. Most important when we are kind, should we see that harm will be inflicted, we do everything in our power to ensure that we do not do harm. And where we cannot but do harm, we minimize this harm to our greatest extent possible.

If humans would just take a beat. If we would just fucking think twice, this world might be a little gentler on us all.

Spring is at our fingertips. May this coming season be kinder than the last.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Having received rose-water syrup formatted, so that I might review and confirm there are no errors. With every step, we are closer to publication, alhamduliLah.
2. Heba’s man. I want nothing but to see my own beloveds loved and cared for in the best way possible.
3. Slowly learning how to forgive myself. This one is the hardest, and I wish I were as kind to myself as I am to those about whom I care so deeply.

Geneva | March 17, 2019

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