The Father, Mother, And The Construction

Momma had her first of two cataract surgeries today at the Riverside.

I in fact hate being inside of adult hospitals (I am good at children’s, however). Just being inside of them makes me sad and I struggle against crying.

The team who took care of my momma were spectacular. Anya, her intake nurse, especially. They were kind, and engaging; they answered every single question we had, and assuaged all fears.

There was, however, about 15 minutes of terror for me. When they took momma in, they said that she would be out in 30 minutes. Over an hour later, I was still waiting and panick kicked in.

She has a lot of allergies to pain medication; what if the anaesthesiologist made a mistake? It happened once before and I almost lost her.

These thoughts nearly gave me a full-blown panic attack, but I was able to calm my ass down enough to find a nurse.

I had a dizzy spell when I stood to do so, however. When I found the lovely woman who had taken her to the surgery, she read my face perfectly and explained why they had been a little longer than anticipated.

I wanted to crush my momma in hugs when I saw her, but didn’t because gentle gentle on the eye.

I have had an extremely extremely stressful three weeks with her house situation – phase 2, the reconstruction, has still not begun though they were verbally cleared to do so by the environmental engineer on 23 August, with the report in writing confirming this very thing dated September 13.

We are nearing December, ten months in, and the work may begin this weekend. I will confirm either way. No doubt, this has proven to be one of the most stressful and exhausting experiences of my life. I am in a constant state of elevated stress, in fact. I don’t think this will change until this unbelievable process is over.

No matter the help, advice, and guidance of everyone, I feel extremely alone. I am a fighter, but I can only take so much.

My father has now stepped in and asked me to copy him on every single interaction with both the construction company and the insurance company. He was formerly the VP of two of this city’s largest construction companies, and will step in as he deems necessary.

It is amazing. From the moment that my dad stepped in, I feel…stronger. And safer. inshAllah all will move forward soundly, and as quickly as possible. Please keep all aspects of momma’s world in your thoughts and prayers.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. No medical complications. We have a few weeks to go to confirm, but I am hopeful.
2. Babbas who are present.
3. Eggshell blue nail polish, a little treat to myself this evening after three weeks of hell and a longer than anticipated day.

Ottawa | Day 355 | November 20, 2019

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