The Little Happiness(es)

I order onion skin paper because no one in Ottawa carries it. I also buy vintage airmail envelopes whenever I find authentic ones. Always, I am making lists of things to do, which make me happy – always, that list includes ‘Write more letters!‘ (exclamation mark included).

Which is why I was very pleased when I found this pin while hunting for my today’s Advent Calendar To End Of The Sabbatical Item (ACTEOTSI, pronounced act-eeh-yote-see). Simply, it’s a good reminder to make the effort to do the things which you love, and which bring you little joys (while never doing harm to others).

When the salesperson asked me if I wanted a small bag for the pin, I said “No thanks,” waited for three beats exactly and finished with “I’ll take your biggest bag, thanks.” She actually turned around and reached for the biggest mamajama of a bag (into which I could have folded myself) before I said “JUST KIDDING! Can you imagine?!” and she snorted and blushed while laughing.

Fun Fact! I am annoying.

It was a stunning day in this City. Bright sun and warmth encouraged people to look up and out from beneath scarves and smile at others. I spent my day walking around enjoying coffee, people-watching, and buying Christmas cards (and cheese. Because why leave the house if a thing to do is not to buy cheese?). At one point, a friend rang and asked me to be their date for a Christmas party and of course I said but I really mean ‘exploded’ yes because strangers tell you their secret crush and then you’re holding their hair back as they throw up in the restaurant’s toilet. What’s not to love about such holiday cheer?

Jingle bells, friends. Jingle all the way.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Every well-dressed man in a 3/4 length coat.
2. The father holding hands with his daughter and skipping down the street because it’s what she wanted to do. She was squealing and he was on the phone saying “…we’re about to go shopping and make all of the wrong decisions.” Thanks for letting me skip with you.
3. Everyone who recommended The Good Place. It really is brilliant (and laugh out loud funny. Janet is my favourite).

Ottawa | Day 358 | November 23, 2019

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