The Male Character

Unless physically incapable, there will never be a day when I come across a playground at which I don’t play, or a merry-go-round on which I won’t ride.

Lesson three from The Sabbatical, is another swift one which might be hardest when in pain – it is critical to reframe a ‘but whyyyyyyeeeeeee, thoooooough?’ into an ‘Ok. What am I supposed to learn here?’

Lesson 1.
Lesson 2.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Slides. The physical kind, not the visual kind.
2. The innocence and purity of Khalid in Ayesha at Last. So much purity of heart and deen that I cried while reading him, because that’s the integrity of character I want in a man. Ya Rab.
3. Muslim love stories. The thing that I did not know I needed so badly. Thank you to Uzma Jalaluddin for all of the balm that her book has brought. This is a short piece today because I am on p. 214 and need to know how Ayesha and Khalid’s story unfolds before I sleep tonight.

Ottawa | Day 350 | November 15, 2019

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