The Ramadan Challenge

Ramadan is (likely set) to start on Thursday, inshAllah.

These past few weeks have taught us that nothing is in our control but our intentions (not outcomes), and our actions in the face of what He presents.

While we have watched many fall into service of both the self, and of greed, we have also watched so very many rise in grace and charity, in the service of others.

May the spirit of this blessed month guide us to greater kindness and compassion, as well as a more sophisticated empathy, and a deeper humility. May the limiting of our physical sustenance increase us in spiritual wealth both for Him, and for all of His creation.

May we also put our money where our mouth is (all year, but especially during Ramadan). I know that this is a difficult time for many, but if you have $1 a day to spare, you are already doing better than millions. Whether you can donate $1 a day or a $100, I hope you will join me in support of the extraordinary folks at Launchgood who have raised over $108 Million to date. I have pledged to donate a little bit, and would love it if you could spare any amount of money for those less fortunate.*

Thank you.

You are all very much loved.**

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*You do not need to be Muslim to donate / join.
**This love is not limited to only Muslims. ♥️