Friday Night Lights season 4 premiere

Dear Friday Night Lights Writer – here are a few berry messenger notes between Baby Jane and I while watching the season 4 premiere of FNL. Take from the following what you will, including typos (as they were):

Meesho: Angry sunglasses! GO COACH ERI TAYLOR!!!

Meesho: Racoooooon!!!!!

Meesho: Oh I LOVE him for lining the field himself

J.​ Ho: Him kicking theb door? So funny and cute
Me​esho: LOVE him
J.​ Ho: Knew u would
Me​esho: Toooooooooo cute the door kicking!!!! He lloks good in red. Yum. Landry looks good.
Me​esho: I love it when he calls boys “son”

Meesho: “six am means quarter till six.” Heh.

Me​esho: I hated seeing Buddy running next to that stupid golf cart

Me​esho: I love Tami – she looks AMAZING

Me​esho: Matt has lost too much weight 🙁

Meesho: “billy tater me” nice

Me​esho: K wow – the town hall where Tami gets nailed to the wall? I want to smack McCoy’s smirk off his face. So insiduous, his character.

Me​esho: Landry must have been using a new cleanser over the summer because his face has really cleared up

Me​esho: O. M. G. I LOVE his super duper enthusiastic new coach who repeats everything CET says, just louder and more aggressive!

Me​esho: Why is JD McCoy drinking and standing with a crack whore?
Me​esho: GO MATT beating the shit out of JD
Me​esho: I hope that b.tch breaks his arm in three places (JD not Matt)

Me​esho: “All I wanted to do was come home”
So sad. So sad my Rigglett 🙁

Me​esho: I really like Devon and I hope they make her a regular

Me​esho: He’s going to have a rough year, Rigglett – self discovery, I hope

Me​esho: “Landry, stop throwin the ball, you look like a girl…just a funny lookin’ creature you are.”

Me​esho: The entire scene with CET telling the asshats to get the hell out of his house RIGHT NOW
J.ho: me too
J.ho: A lot
J.ho: That was a crazy scene
J.ho: He’s an amazing actor

Me​esho: love the look on rigglett’s face when asked if the woman he just screwed would be able to drive anytime soon
Me​esho: He needs to gain a little bit of weight

Me​esho: “You need to stop doin that. You need to stop repeating everything I say. You’re freakin me out.” Awesome.

Me​esho: O first coach defects from Panthers to East!
Me​esho: GO EAST DILLON!!!!

Me​esho: Tami has caught every single game he’s ever coached? That’s so frigging cool.

Me​esho: JULIE SHOOTS AND SCORES!!! She is wanting to go to East Dillon! I am so proud of her. So proud.

Me​esho: When that kid said that CET sounded like an infomercial, I nearly hit my screen And think it safe to say that I would have beat that boy down in CET’s house if I had overheard him

Me​esho: I think that they asked Tami to flip the coin so that she wouldn’t be with CET to support him
The bastards!
I hope the Panthers LOOSE!!!!
She knows it too!!!!
Me​esho: She just flipped and won the coin toss and asked for the OPPOSITE of what they wanted her to ask for
I love tami
What a woman this character is

Me​esho: Landry should be the Captain
Me​esho: Coach is angry yelling and his hair is CRAZY. I dig.

Me​esho: OMG East Dillon is so sad…But they’re red and so they will beat out cold creepy BLUE
O Coach just stuck his finger in Landry’s mouth HEH!
BOO it must have broken his heart to forefeit

Meesho: Gah
Meesho: Gah
Meesho: GaaaaaAAAAAkkkkKKKK
Meesho: It’s already OVER!!!!!!!
Meesho: NOooioooooooooioIO
Meesho: I’m so sad now
Meesho: I love Coach Eric Taylor
Jho: wasn’t it good?
Jho: It sped by
Jho: Forfit
Jho: Must have killed him
Me​esho: KILLED him
Me​esho: Imagine the sex he and Tami had that night?
Me​esho: I wish they would make FNL-porn
J.​ Ho: Ha!
J.ho: That’s hilarious
J.ho: Friday night lightsl out

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