The Arab Dictator is here to stay

Please don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a People’s revolution (rather than a military coup) in Tunisia, there is absolutely no strong indication whatsoever that the ‘Arab Dictator’ is over and done with.

This figurehead serves their own interests, but most importantly, his presence – as it exists across most all Arab countries – serves the primary elite within the power structure of world politics (here’s looking at you, American Government, as the number 1 support for the maintenance of the ‘Arab Dictator’).

Don’t kid yourselves; the Arab Dictator is here to stay for a long while still.

The call for ‘democracy’ being made by all within the above mentioned power structure is conditional upon a “democracy” which does not afford freedom as we understand it, but rather one which merely shifts and repackages the existing control over the People – and their natural resources – in question.

That’s as eloquent as I will be about this situation, because I find it increasingly difficult to not scream when I note that the same individuals who are calling for “democracy” are those who will also work extremely hard to ensure that the policing (done on their very behalfs) of Arabs remains within the hands of their Arab leaders.

What a fkn joke it is to believe otherwise. Today, anyway.

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