The Liking Of One Another

This is T, one of my favourite people. She happens to be married to another one of my favourite people – J. T and me met some years back at work, and our friendship bloomed outside of those four walls.

While in Paris feeling homesick, I called her and wandered the streets having a catch-up. As soon as I said goodbye, I started crying because I had missed her so very much.

Friendship is an odd and lovely thing, isn’t it? It can run so deep with people we only see every couple of months, and opposite as shallow with those we see daily. T’s a touchstone for me, someone from whom I can trust to receive straight advice and no bullshit feedback. All of it, always, is wrapped in great care and a very deep and mutual respect for one another.

J is special in a very particular way to me; he is a standout, in fact. From the moment I met him, and he asked me how I was, I knew it was posed in a genuine way. Every time he asks me still, I understand that he has actual concern for me and in how I will respond. I don’t know how to describe this feeling, other than to tell you that it is something I treasure and hold very deeply. They are both just so wonderful.

Whenever I am asked about the healthy relationships around me, theirs is one that comes to mind. Very simply, it’s because they’re two people who clearly like one another, and work together as a team. Love aside, they just like one another. The more experience I have with relationships, the more I realize that it really is those who care for one another as friends as equally as they do as lovers, that are the most successful ones.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. David, for his support on all things ranging from work to the personal.
2. Poppy, for being the same.
3. Sunsets. You are one of the few things that leave me speechless. (Everyone around me thanks you.)

Ottawa | Day 224 | July 12, 2019

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