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All content is generated by and copy-written solely to Prolific Immigrant‘s One Female Canuck, known as Maha to her mum and dad. Absolutely no content, whole or in part, may be used elsewhere without Maha’s explicit written permission.

One Female Canuck is a Canadian Palestinian Muslima with storytelling inclinations leaning left toward the impassioned, philosophical and lunatic side of funny, thought-provoking stuffs. (Note: She does not write drunk. This was not written by her.) This is her reading one of her own stories:

You may connect with her via email

Beginning July 2016, Maha’s contributions can be found here.

Social Media:
@Instagram – Late bloomer, begun in September 2015.
@Pinterest – She writes words into quozio and then pins them at pinterest.

Maha Monday Advice Videos:
Beginning in April of 2015, the Maha Monday columns at Chai Latte Diaries were complemented by these videos.

Maha Monday Advice Columns:
Chai Latte Diaries – Beginning November 2013.
Elle Beaver – Beginning February 2014.
(Re Chai Latte Diaries & Elle Beaver – Maha has no control over their websites and / or Facebook pages. The questions to be answered by Maha are chosen not by her, but by the editing teams of CLD & EB.)

Frivolous Humour:
Hawaii 5-0 Sardonic Recaps – A sardonic tribute to the television show Hawaii 5-0. This was a limited exercise spanning a few months, that Maha might learn how to write funny. Most of us agree that the exercise’s intention worked, especially her momma.

In print:
Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space and Resistance
(A Mixed Bag Mag has done a brilliant write-up of Min Fami’s launch and panel discussion; find it here.)

Political contributions:
Embassy (May 2006)
Media Monitors Network
…and random places when you Google-creep her name.

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