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Maha is a Canadian Palestinian Muslima with storytelling inclinations leaning left toward the impassioned, philosophical and lunatic side of funny, thought-provoking stuffs. All content is generated by and copy-written solely to her. Absolutely no content, whole or in part, may be used elsewhere without Maha’s explicit written permission. To contact her, either leave a comment below, or send a message to zimmo.maha(at)gmail.com

Here she is reading one of her own stories:

Maha began writing for print media London News Review in 2004, at which time the LNR’s editor asked that she begin writing daily snippets online, as compliment to her political pieces.

Since, Prolific Immigrant has served as a space where Maha continues to exercise her voice. It was not until 2010 that she shared this site, as well as any of her writing, with family and friends.

Anonymity allowed her the room for greater honesty, and much of her earlier writing was under a different name.

This is the only page which I update, and do so on her behalf regularly. Though she is no longer shy about name association, it was only in 2015 that she became comfortable sharing her work openly. Over the last two years, she began writing for Chai Latte Diaries, Sister-hood Magazine, and Elle Beaver. In May of 2017, she began sending her poetry to journals.

Since the summer of 2016, poetry is where Maha has rested her pen. A completely different beast is such writing, and so this is why Prolific Immigrant has not been updated regularly. This may or may not change anytime soon. Thank you for your on-going support of both this incredible woman and the strength of her voice. I understand why you are here today and why you will come back tomorrow.

Below is a smattering of where else you may read Maha. -J

Social Media
@Instagram – No selfies.
@twitter – Highly political.

Poetry – Maha began writing poetry in August 2016. In May of 2017, she completed a collection of over 230 poems, pieces of which she then began to send to different journals. rose-water syrup is at present with publishers, and the following pieces are from this collection.

an immigrant mother’s intention (August 2017, Across the Margin)
bond (August 2017, Across the Margin)
the lies i had to unlearn (August 2017, Across the Margin)
security blanket (August 2017, Across the Margin)
the colonized | for my molasses sisters because you know what i’m talkin’ about (July 2017, sister-hood magazine)
the colonized | for my honey molasses sisters because you know what i’m talkin’ about (June 2017, Metatron Press)
the conversation we never had (June 2017, Metatron Press)
how i learned to speak (in print, Taj Mahal Review Vol. 16, No. 1 June 2017)
grief (May 2017, sister-hood magazine)

Sister-hood – Beginning July 2016, Maha’s contributions can be found here. Sister-hood magazine is brought to us by award-winning Deeyah Khan, creating a platform for the amplification of Muslim women’s voices.

the colonized
Let them eat cake
Because Allah knows best
Don’t be an asshole this Christmas
On the pornification of the female
Outstanding balance owed
A lot to talk about

Maha Monday Advice Columns
Chai Latte Diaries.
Elle Beaver.
(The questions to be answered by Maha are not chosen by her, but rather by the editing teams of CLD & EB.)

Hawaii 5-0 Sardonic Recaps – A sardonic tribute to the television show Hawaii 5-0. This was a limited exercise spanning a few months, that Maha might learn how to write funny. It didn’t work.

In print – It was only under threat of losing my friendship that Maha agreed to send her writing once in response to a submissions call-out. Both stories were accepted and she has since refused to send anything else to anyone anywhere. None of us get it, but we love her still.

Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Space and Resistance
(A Mixed Bag Mag has done a brilliant write-up of Min Fami’s launch and panel discussion; find it here.)
Rabble’s annual ‘best of’ collection.

Political contributions
Embassy (May 2006)
Media Monitors Network
…and random places when you Google-creep her name.

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