The Fried Dough

After an unseasonably cold weekend, the weather picked up and we were able to discover a little more of this city. Specifically, we roamed around Málaga’s historic center, which is as stunning as you might imagine. (I posted some images on Insta over this way.)

One of my favourite parts of today was in fact confirming that I do not like local churros, nor am I a fan of Spanish hot chocolate (which I mistakenly assumed would be a little spicy, like Mexican hot chocolate. My mind made a leap and fell through a very dark hole). Every People has their own version of sweet fried dough. Palestinians have awameh; we roll the dough into perfect little balls, fry’em up and then dip them in honey. In Canada, the churros to which I have become accustomed are dusted in sugar, so even if you don’t dip them in chocolate, they’re still sweet. They are also meatier, for lack of a better word; not so thin that they snap when starting to cool.

Here, they are quite slim, and not dusted in sugar. They’re also not served with a chocolate dipping sauce, but rather with the local version of hot chocolate, which I ate with a spoon (and which is served with a bag of sugar, in case you really don’t want that diabetes to miss you). Believe it or not, the hot chocolate drink / dip wasn’t so good.

But I did it. And now I know I won’t do it again. I’ll be seeing you churros in Ottawa soon enough, inshAllah.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Azooza’s eyes. She spotted this woman, the only other human being I have ever seen in any part of the world with a Cookie Monster shirt. We were both supremely excited to have found one another.
2. The ability to make duaas for beloveds. For me, it’s an indication that He is already listening.
3. Having the ability to go from a crouch to a standing position without help. My body won’t always be so strong, and I am grateful for every day that it helps me out.

Málaga | March 25, 2019

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