The Massacre in Christchurch

Sometimes, I go to mosque to pray on Fridays, a thing which I do when either traveling or feeling pain. Had I been in New Zealand, yesterday’s post might have been the last one you read of me.

Send love to your Muslim family.

Stand guard against hate.

Speak up regarding the pain and trauma of others.

& even if you do not, remember that this home of mine will still remain open to you, with the hope that I might soften your heart.

Inna lillaah wa inna illayhi raji3oon.

Today, I am grateful for:
1. Being Muslim.
2. The kindness and love which is Islam, and which would counsel me to soften, rather than to hate.
3. Every single one of you who sent a message of solidarity. Mosques are the easy and obvious target; ours is not the only family under threat – ally yourselves with our Sikh, Hindu, and brown brothers and sisters. Ally yourselves with anyone ‘not White enough’ to warrant the hate of the White Supremacist.

Geneva | March 15, 2019

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